Pre-Press information for your Printing.

To ensure your print is completed quickly and accurately, please take a moment to read our pre-press information. Below we’ll give you information regarding our standard business card sizes, our bleed requirements and colour format. Thanks again for choosing Ecoprint!

If you’re proficient at pre-press you can skip this process and email your job to us directly.

Business card sizing

Here is our standard business card size.


If you have a card that is not this size, extra fees may be incurred. It won’t be much extra, but we’ll let you know what the trim fee would be when you submit your job.

Adding bleed and trim marks

All business cards printed with Ecoprint need to include 3mm of bleed, colour in CMYK and trim marks in your document. Bleed ensures any colour that runs to the edge of your card runs ‘right to the edge’ without a white margin. Here is a graphic showing how a print ready business card should look.

We literally cannot print your card, unless it contains bleed and trim marks. If you need help building your files, we can help! Our pre-press fees start from $35.

Prepress Ecoprint

Invoicing for Production

Once you’ve submitted your print ready files, we’ll issue a production invoice to you. Once this is paid, we can begin your printing. Importantly, if you are paying via credit card, we can begin your print immediately. If you are paying via direct deposit, please send a remittance of your payment so we can also begin immediately (otherwise we’ll have to wait til the funds hit our bank account).