Graphic Design

Ecoprint offers professional graphic design Australia wide. Using Ecoprint ensures your business cards, flyers, brochures & other print material will be print perfect. Keeping your graphic design and print requirements under one roof, guarantees quickest turn around time, one point of contact and the least amount of headache.

Our lead pre-press team are all qualified designers, ensuring that your design will perform perfectly to position your business identity – whether you’re a retail business, consultant or wholesaler, ¬†we’ll make sure your brand stands out and tells the world what you do (and how they can engage you to purchase your wares).

Print is still one of the most widely used mediums for communicating. It’s best handed directly to the consumer for best results, but performs quite well with strong call to action in a wide distribution method. Whatever your marketing approach, be sure to use a professional graphic designer to get the best results.

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Design tips for our 3 most popular card options


Satin 350 gsm

Our satin 350GSM card can handle block colours, photographs – pretty much anything a traditional coated card can handle.

If you’re looking for a card that can handle a little moisture in the air, and more aggressive handling – this is the one for you.


Uncoated 350&700 gsm

Our 350GSM uncoated recycled card works well with simple text, vectors and considered photographs images (Duo tone and designed images). Be gentle when using block saturated colours, inverted colours with white text or saturated colour images.

This card can now be ordered with painted edges! See colour choices on our business card page.

Buffalo Board

Buffalo 283 gsm

Buffalo Board is great card for creatives. It is very important to keep in mind that it’s tricky to print yellow/brown and grey hues onto a brown card and expect it to stand out. We recommend using Spot White and brown-contrasting colours. It is also a great idea to design with a pretend buffalo board colour as an underneath layer, to help with colour management.
Need help with spot white? Read our setup for spot white help file.

Curious about using Ecoprint for more than one job? Get in contact – we can tailor a design package or retained services agreement that will keep your bottom line happy. Imagine the ease of briefing your print design requirements, and know that it can be plugged directly into your print solution as well!

File Storage


Ecoprint now also offers file storage services for our print and graphic design customers. From as little as $1.50 a month, you can relax knowing your print ready files (and working files if submitted) will be safely stored on our secure server.

Please let us know when making your order if you’d like us to hold and secure your print files, next time you order. Invoicing is sent monthly and you can opt out at any time.