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Ecoprint FAQs

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How sustainable are your print choices? Are you ordering with a company that offers a few token ‘recycled’ products, but makes the bulk of their money selling plastic-coated junk? Be informed, and make your choice count. Together we can make a difference!

What are the environmental credentials of your products and service?

Our cards meet the highest environmental standards. Produced with 100% recycled post-consumer waste,  there’s no support for irresponsible logging practices here.

Our digital print process uses dry toner (instead of liquid ink), which is non-toxic and means the process is waterless, and requires no cleanup – so no VOCs and virtually no waste. Dry toner can be de-inked in commercial recycling, and our used cartridges are returned and recycled. So it’s a great, green way to print.

We also, of course, plant trees for each order. To do this, we partner with our local Landcare organisation in a couple of ways: we regularly donate money to support their work regenerating and maintaining our local rainforest, and we also have planting days where we get in and get our hands in the soil and plant native seedlings.

Do we offer graphic design services?

Yes. Our graphic design team has your design needs covered. From pre-press advice to complete project design we can help your brand stand out. Email through your ideas and we can bring them to life. Contact us for more information, we’re happy to discuss your requirements.

Delivery Timelines

Timelines vary for different products – let us know when you order if you have a specific deadline, and we’ll do out best to make it happen. In general, most print takes 3-5 business days from artwork  sign-off and payment. Then allow 1-2 business days for our speedy delivery service (included as standard).

What is Trim?

What is Trim? Trim is a printing term that refers to the specific area that will be cut to shape your final print product. By including Trim and Bleed, we can clearly see the final print area you are wanting to produce.

What is bleed in printing?

What is bleed? Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming. In other words, the bleed is the area to be trimmed off. The bleed is the part on the side of a document that gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement in the trimming process. Artwork and background colours must extend into the bleed area to  ensure that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document. Bleed in printing is extremely important if you have graphics that print to the edge of the card/paper.

We recommend a 3 mm bleed area on all artwork supplied to us for printing.

What is the size of a business card?

Business card sizes can vary, pretty much to whatever you like. However our standard sizing is 90x55mm. The pricing shown on our website reflects our standard sizing, so just get in touch if you’d like a custom quote for different sizing.

Acceptable file types and design software

We accept print ready pdfs. This is a pretty broad term, so we’ve listed the software that can generate a print ready pdf, as well as software that currently doesn’t build compatible pdfs for our system.

We recommend using:
Adobe Indesign or Illustrator (best results)
Canva (contact us for design tips)

We cannot accept files from:
MS Word
MS Paint

If you’ve got any questions, or need some help setting up a print-ready file, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Why don't you show your phone number?

We used to show our phone number on our website until quite recently. Now we don’t list it on our site and we receive much much less phone SPAM. If you need to contact us, please start via email – and we can then provide our full contact details.