Eco Friendly Business Cards

Ecoprint still believes in good old customer service and we print eco friendly business cards. Our success rate of printing brilliantly has everything to do with our designers and print experts looking at your print files and ensuring they will produce well. If you have any questions, we’re an email away. Check out our great price business cards below. And if you’re wondering about our print specifications, check out our FAQ.


350 GSM Card FSC Satin Finish

Our satin 350GSM card can handle block colours, photographs – pretty much anything a traditional coated card can handle and is a touch thicker. FSC certified by Hansol.

2 sides colour > inc delivery
250 qty -$94
500 qty – $119
1000 qty – $149

This card type looks exactly like traditional card. Bright, white and with a satin finish.
This card is standard with a satin finish. We no longer offer cello glaze (due to our environmental focus)


350GSM 100% Recycled Uncoated Business Cards

Our 350GSM uncoated recycled card works well with simple text, vectors and considered photographic images. A white, lightly textured card.

2 sides colour > inc delivery
250 qty – $114
500 qty – $149
1000 qty – $199

This card is fully recycled, white and uncoated. Click here to download an image of how this card looks. * This card takes a bit longer to print, please allow up to a week.

700gsm business card

700GSM 100% Recycled Uncoated Business Cards

Our 700GSM uncoated recycled card leads the pack with our most premium feel card available. Comparable thickness and feel to a letterpress cotton stock, and looks amazing with a painted edge (optional extra).

2 sides colour > inc delivery
250 qty – $228
500 qty – $298
1000 qty – $411

This card is fully recycled, white and uncoated. This card takes a bit longer to print, please allow up to a week.

Buffalo Board

283GSM Buffalo Board (Craft)

Made from natural fibres that are fully recyclable, this uncoated board is the perfect choice for clients wanting something a little different. We recommend using Blacks, contrasting colours and Spot White.

2 sides colour > inc delivery
250 qty -$118
500 qty – $155
1000 qty – $199
Spot white is available for this stock, please enquire for pricing when ordering.

Please allow up to a week for production.
This card type is brown in colour and made from part recycled materials.

Optional Extras - business cards

Each card type brings with it a range of optional extras, to help your business stand out even more. We only source environmentally sound extras (no more cello, foiling or other damaging plastic based solutions). Each extra is specific to a card type, so please enquire when ordering to ensure it is available for your chosen card stock.

Card extras with Ecoprint

Edge painting

Our 350 and 700GSM fully recycled cards can now be ordered with edge painting!
A custom quote for this service can be provided on enquiry. Here are our colour ranges for edge painting.

business card edge painting






Rounded corners

Rounded corners and custom shapes are available on all our cards. Pricing will vary dependent of the stock chosen, and also any shape chosen. Just enquiry with your order and we can quote your final product.

Die Shapes

Ecoprint can produce custom die shapes for your cards. All we need is the die design, so that we can cut this to size once we’ve printed your cards. If you need help designing a die – contact us, we’ll have it finished in a jiffy.

Drill holes

Drill holes are available for our business cards, making them perfect swing tags! Sizing and pricing varies with the stock chosen. Please enquire about our drill holes when making your order.

Spot White

Spot white is only available with our buffalo board. It is an really effective way to make your designs stand out further. If you need help setting up your artwork for spot white, click here. We can also help with setup (it can be tricky!)

Eco Print

Business Cards Eco Print

Eco Friendly Business Cards with Ecoprint. Printing in Australia now has an environmental priority and Ecoprint is here to take your promotional material into the future of print. Whatever your requirements, we’ll work with you to ensure a great result. We deliver your business cards Australia wide, direct to your door. Ecoprint can also work with you to develop your designs, to make your communication stand out from your competition. Check out our graphic design.

Put simply, Ecoprint was developed to offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional business card print communications. While we are still using a finite resource to develop our product, we ultimately aim to provide a print product made completely from recycled materials to ensure print is part of everyone’s future.

Other printing products with Ecoprint

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Our other print products

If your’e looking for pricing for our other print products, please just send a quick email to with your print project details. We’ll get back to you quick sticks!

With our best price business cards, be sure to keep us in mind next time you’re looking to reprint!