How To Set Up Spot UV Artwork For Print


–  This kind of printing requires only one PDF per version –  Select the elements that are to be in Spot UV, copy them and paste them in place on a seperate layer –  Select these elements and create a new colour swatch called ‘SPOT UV’, set the ‘Colour Type’ to ‘Spot Color’ and set the CMYK break down to 100% Black –  Now set these Spot UV elements to overprint


You will now only be required to submit one PDF. Create a 2 page PDF of your print artwork as usual. Now select all the elements which are to be in Spot UV and copy them to a seperate layer (this layer should be in exactly the position you require the Spot UV.) These elements must be in 100%K (black) and be a new colour swatch called ‘SPOT UV’ and be set to OVERPRINT. It is important that it is labeled exactly as highlighted above as our machines will only read that terminology. Please submit the artwork with both the full colour and 5th spot colour in the one artwork.

1) Start with your print file as per the example below.

2) Now select all the elements that are to be highlighted in Spot UV and place them on a separate layer in the same file. These elements will need to be a 5th spot colour ‘SPOT UV’ as per the example below, and you MUST set these to overprint. (Please follow the directions further down the page on how to create the ‘SPOT UV’ colour swatch correctly.)

3) Now you will need to line up the SPOT UV layer, exactly with the layer below so we place the spot uv exactly in the correct position (Please see example below) The final PDF that you will send us will have the print file with the SPOT UV elements laid over the top. We suggest using Acrobat Professional to turn the process plates on and off so you can see that everything you want highlighted in spot uv uses the spot colour “SPOT UV” created with 100% K. We then suggest turning the spot plates off so you can see what your job will look like when it is printed. Be sure to check the your colours aren’t dropping off by placing the SPOT UV file over the top of your cmyk. If you do find that your colours are dropping off, please set your SPOT UV to overprint.

To create the Spot UV colour swatch please follow the instructions below:

If you are using CORELDRAW please click here If you are using ILLUSTRATOR or Photoshop please follow the instructions below

Change the colour type from ‘Process Color’ to ‘Spot Color’ and rename the swatch name ‘SPOT UV’

Spot UV

If you are using PHOTOSHOP

Please note that all lines/strokes that are to be highlighted in Spot UV, must be at least 0.25mm thick, or the Spot UV may not appear as clear or sharp. Please also note that Spot UV can shift slightly when applied, avoid applying it to thin lines, small text or finely detailed artwork.